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Third-Party Provider

Please note that the instructions in this article pertain to a third party provider and as such may not reflect all current settings. Should you have any questions or issues, please contact the third party provider directly.

Ubble is an ID Verification (IDV) provider based out of Paris, France. Ubble uses video live streaming, A.I. technology and fraud experts to detect fraud with its online identity verification service. Ubble's own computer vision technologies combined with live video stream provides users simple, fast, and pleasant IDV screening during onboarding. Ubble’s promise is simple: allowing a great UX improving acquisition without compromising security with its face-to-face equivalent solution

What's Covered 

Get Ubble Account

In order to enable our Ubble integration, you'll need to create an account by reaching out to Ubble team hereAlready have a Ubble account? Please skip to the next section.

Set up Ubble Integration

  1. Reach out to your CSM or to enable this feature on your account. Once Ubble has been enabled for your account move to step 2.
  2. Contact the Ubble team to request your API credentials (ubble CLIENT_ID and ubble CLIENT_SECRET)
  3. Copy it for use in Fountain.
  4. Go to the Fountain page. Hover over your username on the top right, and click Integrations.
  5. Click on Screening tab to the left side. Click Connect to the right of Ubble.Ubble_1.png
  6. Enter your ubble CLIENT_ID and ubble CLIENT_SECRET.
  7. Click Save Changes, and you're done!

Add Ubble Stage to Workflow

  1. Choose Ubble Partner Stage to add the stage to your Opening's workflow. Check out article on how to add stage here.
  2. When an applicant lands on Ubble Partner Stage in the application workflow, they will be automatically redirected to Ubble's web portal.
  3. Once the relevant information is completed on the Ubble portal, the applicant will automatically get redirected back to the Fountain's applicant portal.

Ubble Partner Stage Rule

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