Multi-User Presence Indicators

Collaborating with Teammates 

User presence indicates which applicant other users are actively viewing. This feature enables seamless collaboration and minimizes redundant interactions between your team and applicants during the recruiting and hiring process.

On the Universal Applicant View or the New Applicant Table, you can identify which applicant your teammates are viewing. If more than one user is viewing the same applicant profile, you'll see the number of users instead of the initial of the user's name. To see the full name or the full list of users' names, hover over the tab as shown in Figure 1. 


Figure 1

When you're on an Applicant's Profile, you'll see other users who are simultaneously viewing the same applicants as you. If any additional users start viewing the same applicant profile you're currently in, it will immediately update and be displayed at the top of the window.


Figure 2

Hover over any of the name avatars to view their full name.


Figure 3



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