Geolocation is a feature that automatically detects an applicant's location, then uses this data to filter and display available openings in their area. This feature enables you to recruit a large volume of applicants nationwide and get them into the hiring pipeline quickly through the use of Text to Apply campaigns and location filtering.

Benefits of Geolocation

  • Can be used with the Text to Apply feature.

    Text to Apply simplifies the application process and enables applicants to apply directly from their mobile phones with minimal efforts. To learn more about the Text to Apply feature click here.

  • Location preferences for jobs can be customized.

    When applicants click the Text to Apply link, it redirects them to a page that automatically filters and displays job openings within a preset radius of their location. Applicants can then increase the search radius or change their location to expand their search. 

  • Stores the applicant’s location for analysis.

    The location data obtained for each applicant can be accessed via API or data exports.

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