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Please note that the instructions in this article pertain to a third party provider and as such may not reflect all current settings. Should you have any questions or issues, please contact the third party provider directly.

Onfido is an IDV (ID Verification) provider based out of London, UK. They provide ID Verification services using the most cutting edge technology with AI for face detections, ID verification, etc. Onfido helps companies with various use cases like KYC (Know Your Customer), User Onboarding, User Verification, Fraud detection, etc.

What's Covered 

Get Onfido Account

In order to enable our Onfido integration, you'll need to create an account by reaching out to the Onfido team hereAlready have a Onfido account? Please skip to the next section.

Set up Onfido Integration

      1. Reach out to your CSM or to enable this feature on your account. Once Onfido has been enabled for your account move to step 2.
      2. Contact the Onfido team to request the relevant API Key and Account ID.
      3. Copy it for use in Fountain.
      4. Go to the Fountain page. Hover over your username on the top right, and click Integrations.
      5. Click on Screening tab on the left side. Click Connect to the right of Onfido. Onfido_Integration.png
      6. Enter your Onfido API Key and Account ID.
      7. Click Save Changes, and you're done! 


Please ensure to put in the correct API key and AccountID, otherwise, the Integration might not connect properly with Onfido.

Set up Webhooks

Standard Requirement

 Webhooks are required for all customers who plan to use Onfido in Fountain.

        1. Login to your account in Onfido's website and select the Developers tab in the left menu.
        2. Select Webhooks.
        3. To create a webhook you will need to copy this URL:

        4. Select Create Webhook.

        5. Uncheck all of the check boxes located in the create webhook window; except the Completed box in the CHECK section.
        6. Paste the URL we copied in step 3 into the URL field.
        7. Select Save.

Add Onfido Stage to Workflow

          1. Choose Onfido Partner Stage to add the stage to your Opening's workflow. Check out our article on how to add stage here.
          2. When an applicant lands in the Onfido Partner Stage in the application workflow, he will be going through a seamless Fountain hosted iFrame flow for Onfido's IDV.
          3. Once applicant submits relevant info, he will automatically move to the next stage depending on the stage configuration.


Currently Fountain shows all packages from in the partner stage. Please select the correct package to create partner stage rule.

Onfido Partner Stage Rule

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