Term Definition:
Applicant Portal The Applicant’s view of the application form.
Applicant Table The User’s view of all Applicants, grouped by stages per Opening. View details on Applicant Profiles, pending actions, and Applicants’ progress per stage. Take actions on Applicants, individually or in bulk. Access the Applicant Table by navigating to the Openings page > Actions > View Applicants. Note that the Applicant Table will not appear until you’ve built your first Opening.
Worker Table View all active and inactive workers in the 'Approved' stages of all Openings. Posthire rules are triggered here.
Universal Applicant View View Applicants from various openings at once.
Applicant Profile

From the Applicant Table, select an Applicant to open their Profile and view all information submitted, all emails sent and all SMS sent and received. Send messages, approve files, or take other actions.

Test Applicant

How to view the Application as an Applicant - View the application as an Applicant in one of two ways.

1. To simply view a page, navigate to the Applicant Table, select the stage you wish to view from the horizontal menu bar at the top of the table, then click the gear icon > Preview Job.

2. To view the application from the beginning and create an Applicant, navigate to the Openings page, click Actions next to the Opening you wish to view, then click View Application Form. If you would like to skip ahead in the application form, navigate to the Applicant Table, click Actions next to the Applicant you’d like to move, select Move to Stage, select the appropriate stage, then you may open the link that is sent to the test applicant to visit the next stage by opening the Applicant Profile and clicking on the most recent link that was sent to them.

Bulk Actions
Perform any of the following actions on an Applicant. The option to perform a Bulk Action will appear in the menu bar after selecting more than one Applicant in the Applicant Table. For more information about Actions or Bulk Actions click here.
Boost Post to multiple job boards. Set the Posting Details, Duration, Budget, and our algorithm will use the Position type, pay rate, and region to calculate which job boards will bring you the most Applicants.


Applicant Scheduled Sessions

Term Definition:
Sessions Tab View all slots that Applicants have booked on the Calendar. Note that this will not appear until you’ve built your first Opening.
Scheduled Sessions All calendar sessions that have been scheduled by Applicants.
Calendar Availability All available sessions per User. Edit calendar availability by navigating to any Scheduler stage in the Workflow Editor and selecting the Opening and User.
User Fountain User assigned to scheduled sessions.
Filter By

Filter by Opening or User.

Show Empty

Show sessions which have not been selected by any Applicant.

Position Time Zone Sessions View sessions in the time zone that the Opening’s associated Location has been assigned to, as opposed to the User’s time zone.
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