Term Definition:
Message May be sent as an Email or SMS or both. May be sent manually or automatically upon an Applicant landing in a certain stage, may be sent individually or in bulk, and when sent automatically from a stage, may be timed to send X minutes or days later. Stage-related messages contain a link to the Applicant’s current stage so they may resume their application.
Message Template

Create message templates and send them to Applicants directly or link them to stages as stage landing messages or Follow up messages. Stage landing messages send to Applicants upon them landing in a given stage. You may set the timer to delay them by X minutes. Follow up messages are timed to send after an Applicant has been in a stage for X days.


Message Types

Term Definition:
Automated Stage Landing Messages Initial Message - Sent to Applicants upon them landing in the stage as noted. May be scheduled to send immediately, X minutes later, or not at all.
Scheduler Messages

a. Confirmation - Sent to Applicants upon them scheduling a session.

b. Cancellation - Sent to Applicants when either the Applicant or the User cancels a scheduled session.

c. Reminder - Sent to Applicants to remind them of an upcoming session.

Automated Follow-Up Messages The same Follow-Up message templates may be used across all stages or may be customized per stage. These may be scheduled to send X days later or not at all.
Manual Messages

a. Custom - Not triggered by any stage. Users send a Custom message by selecting the Actions button in the Applicant Table or from the Applicant Profile.

b. File Recollection - Request an Applicant to upload a new image of a document if the original is unacceptable or expired.

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