• The Master Applicant View is now referred to and referenced as the Universal Applicant View. All functionalities within the Universal Applicant View and Applicant Table will remain the same. For more information about this improvement, click here.

  • Partner details are now displayed and available in applicant profiles within Applicant Table 2.0. You can click on the Partner Integration to view more in-depth partner related information, as well as take appropriate actions directly from the partner status. For more information, visit this article.



Bug Fixes

  • When you click Next Applicant while in the Video Recording stage, the video for the next applicant who has recorded a video will be available for review. This update automatically skips all applicants who have not recorded videos.



  • Applicants will now be flagged if ANY of the data fields selected in the duplicate handling settings are an exact match. This will directly affect accounts that have customized their duplicate applicant field settings. For more information, visit this article.
  • A time stamp of the date and time each opening is created is now available in our List All Openings API response. For more information, visit our developer site.

Bug Fixes

  • The option to "Move (candidates) to Stage" is now available in 'Approved' stages. The Move to Stage option can be found in the Actions dropdown menu.

  • The Location or Location Group can now be used to search for openings in Applicant Table 2.0.


What's New

  • We've updated our Master Subscription Agreement. For previous versions, you can visit our archive here. If you require additional assistance, contact your CSM at support@fountain.com.



  • All users who've been actively using the live video feature will now use Whereby by default. Whereby simplifies the candidates' experience because it doesn't require them to download a separate app. Candidates can simply access their live video rooms in their default browser after they click the link provided. For more information about Whereby, and live video visit this article.
  • We have completed a series of general performance enhancements to the applicant table. This includes but isn't limited to improving load time, reducing redundancies, and improving the overall user experience. For more information about the Applicant Table 2.0, visit these articles.


What's New?

  • A comprehensive XML feed of your active openings in Fountain is now available. For more information about this, contact your CSM.
  • Each applicant's IP address will be used to detect their location when they are applying to a Boosted job. This deters applicants who are too far away from openings from applying. As a result you will have a more accurate pool of applicants in your targeted area, who can be matched with future job opportunities. For more information, visit this article.


Bug Fixes

  • If you are using W4/I9 federal stages, the data can now be downloaded via data exports. Note: W4/I9 state stages are not yet supported. For more information, visit the W4 and I9 articles.



  • V1 and V2 of Analytics has been discontinued. Custom and timestamped exports from these retired versions are accessible in the new and improved Analytics feature. For more information, visit this article.


  • You can now view partner status labels in the Applicant Table 2.0. In addition to viewing the partner status label in the applicant table, you can also click the partner status label to jump to the associated action for a specified applicant. For more information, visit this article.


What's New?

  • You can now integrate with Career Builder using the Boost feature. You can Boost exclusively through Career Builder or select multiple job boards in addition to it. For more information, visit this article.
  • Six new screen types are now available for our partner Checkr. The screen types include drug screening, occupational health screening, personal and professional reference checks, credit reports, and professional license verification. For more information, visit this article.

Bug Fixes

  • You can now access the rand data key for applicants and view their Fountain assigned numbers in the rule stage. For more information, visit this article.


What's New?

  • New and improved Analytics is now available for use. This self-serve data tool features multiple dashboards, reports, and visualizations that enable you to analyze candidate behavior and identify trends in your hiring pipeline. For more information, visit this article.



  • You can now enable users to access secure files in the User Permissions tab. Current users/user roles with permissions to access secure data will automatically be enabled to access secure files. This includes default roles for new accounts and new roles  (ie. admin, owner, etc.) that have permissions to access secure data. For more information, visit this article.
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