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Third-Party Provider

Please note that the instructions in this article pertain to a third-party provider; therefore, they may not reflect all current settings. Should you have any questions or issues, please contact the third-party provider directly.

HireRight is a background check service that can be integrated with the Fountain application process.


Getting Started with HireRight

  1. Existing HireRight clients will need to execute a Modification of Services (MOD) with HireRight. Clients can request the integration and MOD from their HireRight Account Manager, or if a client does not have a dedicated Account Manager they can contact the HireRight Client Engagement Team at
  2. New sales customers to HireRight will work with their HireRight Sales Executive to include the integration with their scope of services.
  3. Once the necessary HireRight paperwork is executed by the client, a request for a HireRight Technical Consultant (TC) will be submitted by the Hire Right Account Manager Client Engagement Team. Assignment of a TC will be made 8-10 business days from the date of the request. New customers to HireRight will need to have their Account created in HireRight before a TC will be assigned.
  4. The TC will perform the following functions:

    1. Engage with the client and/or Fountain Implementation Manager/CSM to start the integration project.

    2. Configure the integration profile on the HireRight side.

    3. Provide the API Key and Integration Settings Guide.

    4. Assist with questions for configuring the integration on the Fountain side.

    5. Perform testing with the client once the HireRight TC has configured the integration profile in HireRight and has provided the API Key, the integration should be able to be configured and connectivity established with HireRight in less than 1 hour. 

  5. The total length of an integration project from the time of TC assignment to go-live readiness will vary by customer depending on the customer's readiness, account complexity and amount of testing the client requires.


Once HireRight Steps are Complete

  1. Contact your CSM or to enable HireRight on your account.
  2. Select Integrations from the dropdown menu located under your company's name on the right side of the screen.
  3. Select Screening listed in the left side of the menu, locate HireRight and select Connect.
  4. Enter the HireRight API key and select Save Changes.

  5. You can now configure the HireRight background check integration stages into your workflow. 


Add HireRight Stage to Workflow

  1. Select your opening you would like to add your HireRight stage into.
  2. Add the HireRight Stage in your workflow. Visit the Add Stage section in this article for details on how to add stages.
  3. In the Stage Option Type dropdown, select the background check package.


  4. Click Save Changes in the top right corner.

Applicant Experience

When an applicant lands on the HireRight Partner Stage in the application workflow, the HireRight background check forms will automatically be opened within Fountain, allowing the applicant to create a HireRight account and complete the forms. 

For more details on how to create partner stage rule for applicants in the HireRight stage, contact your CSM at



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