The Indeed Plugin function enables you to sync with Indeed and import applicant data.

Getting Started

    1. Navigate to the Fountain Importer Chrome Extension.
    2. Select Add to Chrome.

    3. Select the puzzle icon located near the top of your window. 

    4. Click the pin next to the Fountain Importer Chrome Extension to pin it to your browser, it will turn white once it's selected.

      Indeed_plugin_3.png    Indeed_plugin_4.png
    5. Navigate to the Indeed for Employers web page. Then select the Candidates tab.



      If you do not see the Import to Fountain blue button, refresh your browser.

    6. Select the pencil on the Import to window and the Select Job to Import to Option will appear. 


    7. The Select Job to Import to window will appear. In this screen you can edit the Company, Position, and the Stage.

    8. Select Save. You will be redirected to the Indeed dashboard.


Import to Fountain

  1. Select the blue checkbox above the list of applicant names to select all applicants in the table. You can start to individually select applicants or you can bulk select applicants. For the purpose of this example, we will use the bulk select option.

    The bulk select option does not select applicants listed in a separate window or page. You must go to each page and perform this step again.

  2. Select Import to Fountain.

  3. The blue Import to Fountain will appear. Select it.

  4. A window will appear with the amount of applicants that have been imported successfully. Duplicate candidates will not be imported. 20 is the maximum number of candidates that can be imported at a time.


Change Applicant Status

Best Practice

We recommend you that you update the status of applicants who've been imported to Contacting immediately after they've been imported.

  1. Select the list of applicants who you imported in the previous section.
  2. While the applicants are still selected, click Change status and select Contacting from the dropdown menu. The statuses will update.

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