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WhatsApp is the preferred communication platform for many companies who operate internationally. Here we will discuss the process, as well as the core actions required to activate your WhatsApp capabilities in Fountain.

Add-On Feature

WhatsApp is an add-on messaging tool and is not included in any base subscription to Fountain. Please contact your designated Fountain representative or to enable it in your account.

What's Covered?

Eligible Countries for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is available for use in all countries except the following:

  • Crimea (+7978)
  • Cuba (+53)
  • Iran (+98)
  • North Korea (+850)
  • Syria (+963)

WhatsApp Templates & Sessions

WhatsApp has strict guidelines in order to protect recipients from unwanted and unsolicited messages. As a result of this, every conversation with an applicant in WhatsApp must be initiated with a template.

If the applicant responds within 24 hours to the initial message template received, a ‘session’ begins. Once the session is initiated, you can communicate freely with the applicant, without the use of a template. 


If either party fails to respond within the 24 hour time allotment, the session ends, and you must use a template to re-initiate the conversation.

All WhatsApp templates must be pre-approved by WhatsApp.  We have a list of pre-approved templates to choose from. You also have the option to create your own templates and submit them for approval, which typically takes about 24 hours. 

Similar to SMS templates, WhatsApp templates can be sent manually, or as automated messages such as appointment reminders or follow-up messages. When manually sending messages, you can choose a template from the dropdown list of available templates.

Qualifications for WhatsApp

1. Must Operate in a Country that WhatsApp Supports

Your company must operate in a country that WhatsApp supports. Reference the Eligible Countries for WhatsApp section above for your reference.

2. Must Have a Website that is Verifiable through Email

While Meta has no guidelines on what constitutes a sufficient website, we recommend including the following on your landing page:

  • Company Name and Logo
  • Contact Info
  • About Page
  • Additional details

Meta must be able to verify that either our business email or website is associated with your business. You may either confirm by phone or email, but the means of confirmation must be directly associated with your business. To confirm email association, you may: 

  • Upload a document showing that the business owns the email domain you entered. Ensure it displays both the legal name of the business AND the domain. 
    Examples of hosted domains that ARE NOT currently accepted include but are not limited to @gmail, @yahoo, etc. 
  • Confirm an email with a different domain that is associated with the business, or confirm it using using business phone number instead.
3. Fountain Account Must Be Enrolled in the Global Package
WhatsApp is a paid feature that requires a subscription. This information is contained in your Fountain contract. To ensure you are currently enrolled in the Global Package or to verify this information, email us at or contact your designated Fountain representative.
4. Templates are Required to Communicate with Applicants
Initiating any direct conversation with an applicant in WhatsApp must always be done using a template. Once the applicant responds to the initial message template sent to them, you may continue the conversation with the applicant freely without a template.

If it takes the applicant more than 24 hours to respond, you'll have to restart or initiate the conversation using a template at that time.

Register to Use WhatsApp with Meta Business Manager

If your company already has a Meta Business Manager Account, you can proceed to the Obtain Your Meta Business Manager ID section.

          1. Create a Meta Business Manager Account.

            Ensure you have a Meta account for your business. The profile and corresponding login information linked to your account is required in order to create a Business Manager account.
          2. Navigate to to create your Business Manager account.
          3. Select Create Account.

          4. Enter your Business Name, Full Name and Business Email

          5. Enter your address and select Promote its own goods or services.

          6. Select Submit.
          7. Go to your email you provided in the application, and click Confirm Now in the confirmation email from Meta Business Manager.



            You will be routed to your Meta Business Manager account you just created.

Obtain your Meta Business Manager ID

          1. Login to your Meta Business Manager account.
          2. In the Business Settings page, scroll down and select Business Info.

          3. Your Business Manager ID will be listed in the Business Information tab you just opened. Copy your Business Manager ID, and save it for the steps in the Share Your Required Information with Fountain section.


Share Required Information with Fountain 

Once you obtain your Meta Business Manager ID, share this information in addition to the information shown below, with your dedicated Fountain representative. A representative from Fountain will be assigned to you prior to beginning your registration. Failure to provide the details listed below, will delay registration and prolong the overall process.

Meta Business Manager ID

Refer to the section above to obtain your Meta Business Manager ID.

POC Email or General Business Email

This will be the primary email address used by both your Fountain representative and by WhatsApp, Twilio, and Meta in order to communicate with you throughout your registration process.

Business Name
The WhatsApp display name must match the business name and the Meta Business Manager's name. For more information, refer to Meta's Display Name Guidelines
Business Website URL
An official business website is required for WhatsApp Registration. While Meta has no guidelines on what constitutes a sufficient website, follow the guidelines provided in #2 in the Qualifications for WhatsApp section above.
Business HQ Country
Provide the country where your business license is registered.
Estimated Budget for the First Year
Determine a reasonable estimate of the number of messages you'd like to send per month for the first year. If you're not sure about this number, you may consult with your Fountain representative to determine the best range to target for your business messaging needs. This information is non-binding and inconsequential, since it is an estimate.

Consent to WhatsApp's Term of Service

Review the WhatsApp Terms of Service, then complete the WhatsApp Terms of Service Agreement. This process takes about 3-5 days for approval. Once you're fully approved, your Fountain representative will email you with the next step.

Approve Twilio's Request in Meta Business Manager

Visit your Meta Business Manager account to approve Twilio's request to message on your behalf and to verify your business. This process takes about 7 to 14 days for approval. Once you're approved, notify your Fountain representative.

      1. Login to your Meta Business Manager account, click Business Settings.
      2. Scroll down and select Requests.
      3. Select Approve on Twilios request. This includes items like providing your company's website URL and proof of business licensure.

Fountain will Register a Phone Number with Twilio for your Business

Fountain will register a selected phone number with Twilio on your behalf. 

If you don't currently use WhatsApp, a new phone number will be selected for your Fountain account.

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