WhatsApp Message Templates Guidelines

WhatsApp is an add-on messaging tool and is not included in any base subscription to Fountain. Please contact your designated Fountain representative or support@fountain.com to enable it in your account.

WhatsApp is a premiere messaging tool that can be used domestically and internationally to initiate messaging from users to applicants. Message templates are pre-established messages formatted per WhatsApp's guidelines.

While the message templates provided by Fountain are customizable, users have the option to create original message templates, as long as they meet the guidelines established by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is very adamant about ensuring audiences who receive messaging from their platform are not being spammed, or sent unwanted messages. As a result of this, message templates used in WhatsApp require approval. This article includes Guidelines for Creating Templates, Template Categories, Examples of Pre-Approved Templates, and Examples of Rejected Templates.

Guidelines for Creating Templates

Categories Guidelines
Merge Keys

Merge Keys must be contained by double curly braces. For example, the merge key for an applicant's first name would have be formatted as follows: {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}}.

Labeling Templates Templates must have a specific, self-evident purpose. For example, {{Template 1}} or
{{Template 2}}, would be rejected because the purpose of the templates isn't defined, and it could potentially be used to spam users.
Concise Templates

Templates should be concise and convey only the necessary information that aligns with the template's category or purpose. To ensure that your messaging is effective and simple to understand, we recommend getting feedback from others.

Grammatically Correct Templates Templates must not have grammatical or spelling mistakes. Templates that include minor spelling or grammatical mistakes are likely to be rejected by WhatsApp.
Re-Initiate Conversations with Applicants

If you've already engaged in a conversation with an applicant; however, the conversation stalls beyond the 24-hour limitation, a standardized messaging template should be shared with the applicant. In this use case, we recommend referencing relevant details from the previous conversation. For example, "I'm sorry I wasn't able to respond to your concerns yesterday, but I'm happy to assist you now. If you'd like to continue this discussion, please reply YES."

Share URLs in Message Templates

You may share URLs in message templates, e.g. "Thanks for applying to Company XYZ. To continue your application click https://app.companyxyz.com".

Tag with Relevant or Appropriate Language Templates should be tagged with appropriate language.
Subscription Messages and Marketing Content
are Prohibited
Subscription messages and marketing content are NOT ALLOWED for use in WhatsApp. Templates containing content referencing subscriptions or marketing materials will not be approved.
Required Template Categories

Templates submitted to WhatsApp for approval must fall into one of the categories shown and listed in the Template Categories section below.

Template Categories

Categories Definition
Account Update

Share updates with customers about changes to their accounts.

Alert Update Send important updates or news to customers.
Appointment Update

Send confirmations, reminders, or other updates to customers about their appointments.

Auto-Reply Send auto-replies to customers when your business isn’t online or available to respond right away.
Issue Resolution

Respond to questions, concerns, or feedback from customers about your business.

Payment Update

Send a message to customers about their payments.

Personal Finance Update Send a message to customers about their personal finances.
Reservation Update Send confirmations, reminders, or other updates to customers about their reservations.
Shipping Update

Send shipping updates to customers about their orders.

Ticket Update Send ticketing information or updates to customers.
Transportation Update Send transportation information or updates to customers.

Examples of Pre-Approved Templates

These templates were approved by WhatsApp. You may choose to use any of the following or create your own.

Manual Message
  • Hi {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}}, we have some updates regarding your {{POSITION_NAME}} application. Is this a good time to chat?
  • Thank you {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}} for your interest in the {{POSITION_NAME}} position. Is there anything I can assist you with while you complete your process?
  • {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}}, we have reviewed your application and have some questions we want to follow-up with you. Is this a good time?
Stage Message
  • {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}}, your next step in the {{POSITION_NAME}} process with {{BRAND_NAME}} is waiting for you. Click here to continue with the {{STAGE_NAME}} step: {{PORTAL_URL}} If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this WhatsApp.
Stage Follow-Up
  • Hi {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}}, we are still waiting for you to complete the {{STAGE_NAME}} step of the process for {{BRAND_NAME}}! Click here to continue: {{PORTAL_URL}} If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this WhatsApp.
Scheduler Confirmation
  • {{BRAND_NAME}}: Your {{BOOKED_SLOT_STAGE}} appointment has been confirmed for {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}} on {{BOOKED_SLOT_PERIOD}} {{ONSITE_ADDRESS}}{{SESSION_INSTRUCTIONS}} To reschedule visit: {{PORTAL_URL}}
Scheduler Cancelation
  • {{BRAND_NAME}}: {{BOOKED_SLOT_STAGE}} appointment for {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}} on {{BOOKED_SLOT_PERIOD}} has been cancelled. To reschedule visit: {{PORTAL_URL}}
Scheduler Reminder
  • Your {{BOOKED_SLOT_STAGE}} with {{BRAND_NAME}} is coming up on {{BOOKED_SLOT_START}} {{ONSITE_ADDRESS}}. {{SESSION_INSTRUCTIONS}} Confirm your attendance by responding {{SMS_RSVP_YES}} or {{SMS_RSVP_NO}}. To reschedule visit: {{PORTAL_URL}}
Approval Message
  • Congratulations {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}}! You got the job as {{POSITION_NAME}}! We're so excited to work with you. Please check your email for more details.
On Hold Message
  • Sorry to inform you that we are currently pausing your application. We'll reach out once we have more update!
Rejection Message
  • Thank you {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}} for your interest in working with us! We really appreciate you taking your time, we won't be able to consider you at this time. We wish you the best!
File Recollection Message
  • Hello {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}}, upon reviewing your {{RECOLLECTION_FILE_DATA KEY}}, we found there was an issue (%{reason}) and need you to resubmit. Please upload a new copy to {{BRAND_NAME}} at {{PORTAL_UPLOAD_REQUEST_LINK}}.

Examples of Rejected Templates

These templates were rejected for being promotional or for not expressing a clear purpose.

If you are having difficulties getting your template approved, it often helps to provide additional detail in your template to make its use evident to WhatsApp. For example, you may add “You asked us to let you know about {{Topic}}”. If you feel your templates are being rejected by mistake and resubmissions continue to be rejected, please notify your Fountain Representative to explain the issue in detail. We can request that WhatsApp reconsider the rejected template.

Rejected Templates - Unclear Purpose
  • {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}}, we have some questions about your application. Is that alright?
  • Hi {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}}, are you still interested in the {{POSITION_NAME}} role?
  • Do you need any help with the {{POSITION_NAME}} process? 
  • Hi {{APPLICANT_FIRST_NAME}}, we haven't seen you make any progress with your {{POSITION_NAME}} application. Are you still interested in working with {{BRAND_NAME}}?
  • “...trying to touch base with you over text as I couldn’t connect with you either by phone or email...”
  • Thank you for your interest. Now refer your friends and earn credits. Ask your friends to apply with code {{1}}.’
  • Reminder: {{1}}
Rejection Reasons
  • PROMOTIONAL: WhatsApp has deemed this to contain promotional or marketing content.
  • TAG_CONTENT_MISMATCH: The language and/or template category selected don’t match the template content.
  • INVALID_FORMAT: Placeholders or other elements that were formatted incorrectly.
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