Advanced Applicant Table Features

Our Applicant Table was constructed utilizing innovative web technologies to optimize your experience in our platform. We've developed many features in our Applicant Table with the intent to reduce your overall time spent manually managing incoming applicants and updating your workflow. 

Here are a few features that can make your user experience in Fountain more seamless.

Key Improvements

User Presence Indicators

The Upgraded Applicant Table is optimized to ensure collaborating with team members is simple and effective, while minimizing time spent reviewing applicants and reducing redundancies.  If your teammates are currently viewing a specific candidate, their initials will be visible on that applicant's row when you're in the Universal Applicant View. For more details about exactly how this feature works, visit this article.


Robust and Flexible Filters

Filters have been enhanced to enable users to further customize searching capabilities per your specific needs. These new filters simplify your searches and enable you to select data keys that are currently in use in your hiring pipeline. You can apply these filters directly in an opening you select, to multiple openings, or apply filters in the Universal Applicant Table. Visit our Advanced Filters article for more details about filtering in your funnels.



Interactive Status Labels

You can now click directly on the labels listed on each applicant in the applicant table to view the details associated with the current stage the applicant is in. For example, if you click the blue label Sample Offer Letter label  that is Pending Action shown here, you can then perform the required action to complete or finish this stage. 


Clickable Labels in UAV Example


Enhanced Duplicate Applicant's Visibility

Duplicate Applicants have higher visibility in the Upgraded Applicant Table and are identified by exclamation marks in the Universal Applicant Table as well as in applicant profiles. For more detailed information about this capability, visit this article.


Duplicate Applicants in the Upgraded Applicant Table Example


Customizable Columns

Customizable columns has been expanded and now allows you to select and add new columns from a list of available data keys. This enhancement enables you to organize applicant data more efficiently in less time. 






Improved User Experience for Reviewers

The layout in applicant profiles has been redesigned and optimized to maximize efficiency and reduce time spent reviewing applicant's data. The new and improved layout features independent scrolling on the Details pane and the File pane allowing you to look at the file and the pertaining data simultaneously while your cross-check the data on the file and the what's on the profile. 


Create and Share Custom UTMs

You can now create and share your custom UTM link for marketing and analytics purposes! Your custom UTM link can be used to track which source you're receiving applicants from, and is simple to create. For more details on how to use UTM parameters, visit this article.







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