In the original applicant table, users were able to associate one data key with two different formats. Data validation has been implemented in the Upgraded Applicant Table, and now each data key can only be associated with its unique data key type.

As a result of this change, if users clone an opening, that contains a legacy data key, they will receive an error message. This article details how to fix this error.


Identify and Update Data Key in your Workflow

  1. Select Edit Workflow in the opening associated with the error that contains the legacy data key.
  2. Identify and select the stage you received the error message in your workflow. For the purpose of this example, we will select the Questionnaire stage.
  3. Select the blue customize fields for data collection stage.
  4. Go to the question in your form that contains the legacy or outdated data key referenced in the error message, and create a new data key.

    Click the blue the data key link, and change the data key.


    Data Validation Requirements

    No data key can contain two different data types in data validation within the same account. Ensure the new data key you create in this step is unique and compatible with these requirements. 

    Please ensure that ALL data fields, regardless of the type, have different data and/or unique data keys. If the same key is linked to multiple fields, it can potentially cause cleanliness issues with your core data, and may impact changes to fields (i.e. editing a field name (title), required/not required, disabling/enabling validation, etc.)

  5. Select Save.
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