When posting to Indeed through Fountain, your job openings created in Fountain are posted directly on their site. Indeed has become increasingly aware and scrutinous of the content contained in jobs posted on its site and as a result, has implemented more stringent monitoring practices to ensure all posts meet its criteria. To ensure this is a seamless process and your Indeed postings are most effective, you must follow the Indeed job posting guidelines.

What's Covered?

General Requirements for Job Listings on Indeed

  • Avoid Discriminatory and Offensive Language

    Any references to age, gender, race, criminal history, or sexual orientation will be flagged for immediate removal. The language should be carefully considered, and reviewed before posting.
  • Perform Ethical Salary, Wage, and Onboarding Practices

    The primary way to meet this requirement is to ensure you provide the hourly or salaried amount for each position you post to Indeed. Ensure the pay is compatible with current industry standards and fair.
  • Job Titles should be Concise and Straight to the Point

    Do not include marketing, catch phrases, or click bait to your job titles. It should only consist of the actual title the role or position entails. Specific Indeed guidelines on titles can be found here.
  • Ensure Each Post is an Active and Available Opening

    Indeed should not be used to recruit applicants with the intent to use their information for future openings you plan to hire for.

Additional Information

  • Visibility in search results are based on Indeed's visibility rules. Indeed’s Trust & Safety team prioritizes jobs that are legitimate, unique, have detailed descriptions and locations, and are easy to apply to. Jobs that do not meet this criteria may be discarded or hidden from search results. Therefore, you must follow Indeed’s best practices for posting.
  • If you post a job directly on Indeed and also post the same job through Fountain, Indeed may prevent the job posted through Fountain from being available on their site and appearing in search results.

    If this happens, the duplicate listing created via Fountain will be flagged by Indeed and will not be seen by applicants! Additional information on Indeed's policy on duplicate posts can be found here.

    For additional assistance with using Indeed, visit their support center.
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