If you'd like to use Bulk Actions via CSV, please contact your designated Fountain representative or support@fountain.com to enable it in your account. Only users who have admin permissions, can access or use this function.

Performing bulk actions across many applicants can be accomplished via CSV. This feature is most applicable if you prefer to process applicants partially using your own systems, but are not integrated with our API, or simply want to make edits across multiple applicants. 

The four features available include the ability to:

  • Update Applicant Stage: Move or change the stage the applicants are in.
  • Update Applicant Data Attributes: Create or update data attributes on applicants.
  • Bulk Reject Applicants: Send applicants to the rejected stage in the opening.
  • Update Worker Status: Update the Posthire status, including the capability to activate or deactivate workers.

Perform Bulk Actions

  • Choose the opening you'd like to perform bulk actions on in the applicant table. Select the Settings widget above the applicant table; Bulk Actions via CSV will be available in the dropdown menu.

  • A window will appear that enables you to upload a CSV and choose which action you'd like to perform. The CSV file you select must be in compatible formats.
    We recommend crafting your CSV using the sample files available.


  • When you select save you'll receive an email with the results, and any errors that were produced during the processing of the file.
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  • How do I bulk update Custom Labels to =true for candidates? I can't seem to find the right key-value syntax. Every time I try to upload a CSV and set the key as "LABEL NAME" or "Labels - LABEL NAME", Fountain just creates a new data field rather than updates the existing Custom Label with that name to =true.


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