Custom reports is a feature that allows you to customize and create reports that are customizable, detailed and readily accessible. Custom reporting was developed to be a
self-service function, reducing the time it takes to gather vital information essential to your business needs.

If you'd like to use Custom Reports, please contact your designated Fountain representative or to enable it in your account.

Watch the following video for an overview of creating Custom Reports:

What's Included

Access Custom Reports

Custom reports is an advanced feature located in the Analytics tab. Simply select Analytics, then choose Custom Reports from the menu options.


Quick Start Menu

One of the premiere capabilities in Custom Reporting is the ability to utilize the Quick Start menu. When you first select Custom Reports, you can choose to Explore Applicants, Openings, Stages, Transitions or Users.

Once you choose one of these options, the Quick Start Menu will appear.


The Quick Start Menu includes premade reports that are available on the dashboard.


Filtering and Additional Capabilities

When you click into the quick start dashboards, you can view all the data available per the titles of the tiles. These dashboards include filters, visualizations, and data.



Standard data keys are available in Looker with the Custom Reporting feature. Custom data keys are NOT.

Create New Dashboards & Schedule Reports

Once you open the quick start menu and create customized filters, you can save the new dashboards to your folders. When you select the gear icon, you can Save (custom report) to the Dashboard.


Select New Dashboard, enter the name of the new Dashboard you just created, and select OK.


The new dashboard will appear.


To access the dashboard you just created, select the 4 square icon located in the top right corner, and the dashboards you've created will be listed in the dropdown menu.


Schedule Delivery

You can schedule emails, adjust the settings, filters, and edit the advanced options to receive updated Custom Reports.

Navigate to the Analytics tab and select the 3 dots icon on the top right left of the screen. Then select Schedule Delivery from the dropdown menu.






Advanced Options


Custom Reports in Fountain Course

Want to learn more about the Custom Reports? Click the tile below to launch our Custom Reports in Fountain eLearning course!


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