To access this enhanced version of DocuSign, please contact your designated CSM (Customer Success Manager) or to enable it to your account.

We have made a few upgrades to our DocuSign integration to improve the user's experience, and ensure key documentation functionalities for hiring are available when accessing DocuSign in Fountain. The upgrades include support for merge keys, advanced signatures for regional compliance, and improved template management. 

General Requirements

  • An existing DocuSign account is required to use this updated version of DocuSign. 
  • DocuSign users have to provide their DocuSign login credentials.
  • Two-factor authentication cannot be enabled for DocuSign accounts.

What's Included?

Create or Select Templates for DocuSign

    1. Click the dropdown arrow beneath your company's brand located in the top right corner of the screen, and select Company Settings in the dropdown menu.
    2. Select Document Signing from the left menu.

    3. Click the Templates tab located in the menu above the table, and then choose Create Template
    4. Select DocuSign from the providers dropdown menu.
    5. Select the template you'd like to use for this purpose from the dropdown menu. If they are grayed out, it means they are already in use and can be managed from the Document Signing Templates section.
    6. Select Prepare Template.

Edit Templates

  1. To edit a template you've already created, select Actions and choose Edit Template from the dropdown menu. 


  2. Select Next and the template will appear.

  3. Perform your changes and edits, then select Save and Close.


Add Merge Keys to Templates

Fountain's standard merge keys are now available to add to templates when creating or editing templates in DocuSign. Merge keys are available per the account they were created in. If you'd like to add custom merge keys, this can be achieved directly in DocuSign's integration settings.

  1. To add merge keys you must select your merge keys to insert into the document, when you are creating your template. Then select Prepare Template

    You will be redirected to DocuSign.


  2. Once you arrive in DocuSign, select Next.

  3. When your template appears, select the Custom Fields (wrench in a square icon) shown below. The Custom Fields contain merge keys you have previously created in Fountain.

  4. Choose your merge key from the list of available merge keys located in the left menu, and drop them into the area of your document you want to add that field to. Once you're finished, save your changes.



Create Custom Merge Keys

  1. Navigate to the Openings tab and select Integrations from the dropdown menu underneath your company brand name.

  2. Select Screening in the left menu bar. 
  3. Click Manage Integration located on the Docusign row.

  4. Select Merge Keys in the DocuSign Integration window.

  5. Select Add Custom Merge Field in the Custom Merge Fields.
  6. Create a Merge Field Name and select the Source Object Key from the dropdown menu.

  7. Select Save. The new custom merge key will appear in the Custom Merge Fields window, and will be available for use in DocuSign.


Manage Roles

Required Function in DocuSign

Managing roles in DocuSign is mandatory to ensure all relevant parties receive notifications when signatures or other actions in reference to documents in DocuSign are required. 

  1. To edit a template you've already created, select Actions and choose Edit Template from the dropdown menu. 

  2. Enter Applicant into the Role field, and leave the name and email fields blank. 



    The Applicant role is critical to have and case sensitive. The merge keys will not operate properly without it. Contact your Fountain representative for more information about this.

  3. Enter the name or title of the Role into the second section, and enter the name and email of the person responsible for completing this form.



    If the title of the role is unknown, you can label it with a general title, but ensure the email is correct.

  4. Select Save and Close if you are finished after editing your Roles, or Next if you'd like to continue editing your DocuSign template.

Add Templates to Workflow Editor

    1. Choose the Opening you want to edit in the Opening screen.
    2. Click Settings, and select Edit Workflow.
    3. Select Add Stage, and select Create New Stage
    4. Enter the Title of the Stage, select the Document Signing Stage (DocuSign) Stage Type from the dropdown menu, and click Add Stage.
    5. Within the Documents section, click Add Document and then select the template you want to send the applicant. Click Save Changes in the top right corner. 
      You can select multiple templates; however, each template will be emailed via separate emails to the applicant.

Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), or the ability to verify applicants extensively by requiring additional electronic verification methods, has to be enabled by your Fountain representative. For more detailed information about QES, click here.


This feature is currently only available to customers located in the EU.

      1. To edit a template you've already created, select Actions and choose Edit Template from the dropdown menu.

      2. When DocuSign opens, scroll down to the roles you want to enable QES for, click Select Signature Type, and then click IDnow - EU Qualified. This will enable QES signatures for the role you selected.

      3. Select Save and Close if you are finished after editing your Roles, or Next if you'd like to continue editing your DocuSign template.

Auto Advance Logic

You can determine whether or not you'd like to use the Auto Advance Logic option by turning it ON or OFF.

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