Severity Level Classifications

When you first open a case or query in customer support, you are responsible for assigning the severity level classification.

Fountain will review and assign a validated Severity Level. In case they are different, Fountain’s determination is binding.

New issues submitted via email will be assigned an Initial Severity Level of 4, pending review by Fountain Customer Support.

Level Description

Severity 1 - Critical

The software/platform is completely unusable. The problem adversely affects time critical applications without which the customer's use of the software cannot proceed and day to day business is seriously affected. No known work-around is currently available.

Severity 2 - Serious

The software/platform or a component thereof is significantly impaired. Customers cannot use the software/platform to conduct business processes for which the software/platform is being used. A workaround may be available.

Severity 3 - Degraded

One or more features of the software/platform are not functioning. Customer’s business processes for which the software is used, however, have not been interrupted.

Severity 4 - Minimal

Customer is experiencing problems with the software/platform which have little or no impact on customer’s daily business processes.


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