Instant Interview allows applicants to request an immediate phone interview with a recruiter as soon as they land on a Scheduler stage. This feature enables applicants to avoid the calendar-scheduling process and speak with a recruiter while applying, significantly reducing "no-shows” and time to hire.

Beta Feature

Instant Interview is currently released in limited Beta. Current Beta users can provide feedback for this version by selecting the question mark icon located in the upper menu bar.  

If you’d like to be included in Beta testing, contact us at


What's Covered?

Add Instant Interview to Your Workflow

Instant Interviews work within Calendar slots linked to Scheduler stages. Visit this resource to learn more about adding Scheduler stages to your workflows & managing calendar slots.

  1. Select Calendar from the menu options.
  2. Select the opening listed under Filter by to filter to the opening you'd like to add Instant Interview to.
  3. Select Add Availability on the Calendar page. To edit existing slots, click a slot select Edit Session.
  4. Select the Enable Instant Interview checkbox in the Add Availability window. Enabling instant interview allows this slot to be either booked in advance OR booked for an instant interview phone call.



     A phone number is required in the assigned user's profile to save an Instant Interview enabled slot and to receive SMS notifications of interview requests.

  5. Enter and choose the date, start time, end time, location, event name, instructions, etc. Select Save.



    Instant Interview enabled slots can only have 1 attendee per slot.

  6. Instant interview enabled slots will now appear on the Calendar page with the instant interview icon.

The Applicant Experience

When an applicant lands on a Scheduler stage during an available instant interview enabled slot, they will be notified that an interviewer is available to speak with them immediately if they wish

If the applicant does not prefer an Instant Interview, they'll have the option to book a future session by selecting a separate time slot. These future sessions include both instant interview enabled and non-instant interview enabled slots.



Applicants will ONLY see the Receive Phone Call Now button if they land on a stage during the available Instant Interview slot time. If the applicant lands on the Instant Interview stage when there's no Instant Interview availability, they will be prompted to schedule their interview at a future date.

When an applicant selects Receive Phone Call Now, the assigned interviewer will receive an SMS notification to call the applicant within two minutes to conduct the  Instant Interview.


Notes & Tips

Instant interview enabled slots will only honor the below settings if the slot is pre-booked, and not booked via an instant interview request.

  • "Do not let applicant schedule __ hours before appointment time."
    • Applicants will not be able to pre-book a slot during the setting's time range
    • Applicants can still request instant interviews. This setting can be used to ensure last minute interview requests are only honored if the applicant requests an instant interview and the interviewer can receive an sms notification.
  • Enable Live Video
    • Live video links are shared with applicants for pre-booked instant interview enabled slots and non-instant interview slots Instant interviews are only offered as phone interviews.
    • Instant interview requests via “Receive Phone Call Now” will not show applicants a live video link.
  • Only enable instant interview slots during time periods where you or your assigned users can be available on short notice to avoid a poor applicant experience.
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