Release Notes (2022)



  • The Applicant Profile has been revamped to include a more seamless and user-friendly experience to simplify and streamline actions taken directly from the applicant profile.

    Move to Next Stage is now available at the bottom of the Applicant Profile, which enables users to quickly advance applicants to the next stage.

    More Actions has been relocated to the bottom of the Applicant Profile to make it easily accessible. It's now located next to the Move to Next Stage, Reject, and More Actions buttons.

    The Opening the applicant has applied to is now visible at the top of the applicant's profile.




  • External calendar events will now appear in your calendar when its synced with Fountain.


What's New?

  • Users can now click directly on the phone number provided in an applicant's profile to initiate a phone call and contact them. This solution is essential to providing a seamless and convenient experience for recruiters and hiring managers. For more information about applicant profiles, click here.


What's New?

  • The option to Post to Job Boards has replaced our Get Applicants modal. When using the Post to Job Boards option, you can access Indeed and our Boost options per your Sourcing needs.



  • As you're adding new stages to your workflow editor, it will auto-scroll to the newly added stage. This is especially useful when working with an opening that has numerous stages and stage types.


  • Data keys are now sorted alphabetically to simplify your experience as you're editing your stages and creating rules. For more information about the rule stage, visit this resource.




  • When filtering for applicants, you can use the new operator, (is equal to any), if the field is a short answer or paragraph. This operator enables you to enter a list of values to find an exact match, per the criteria you're filtering for. For more in depth details about our Advanced Filters, visit this resource.




  • We've added Sourcing to the top navigation bar in our platform! This improvement enables you to easily access features such as Boost, Indeed, and Text to Apply to manage and edit all of your Sourcing needs. For more information about this addition, visit all of the aforementioned resources.



  • We've revamped our status labels! Our new and improved interactive status labels enable you to quickly assess actions applicants have taken, and prompts you to complete tasks that require your attention. For more detailed information about status labels, click here


What's New?

  • You can now access applicants who are actively applying for opportunities in real-time and interview them immediately via our new Instant Interview feature! This capability enables you to reduce the amount of time applicants spend in your pipeline; therefore, enabling you to retain more applicants, and expedite your hiring process. For more information about Instant Interview, visit this resource.
  • When filing a support ticket, follow these Severity Level Classification guidelines to ensure your requests are quickly resolved.


  • Quick actions via Customizable Columns that enable you to Move Applicants to the Next Stage or Reject them directly from the Applicant table, are now available when you click into each Opening. For more details on how to use this feature, visit this resource.

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