Hiring goals help you optimize recruitment performance by tracking hiring progress against goals. Easily create goals per opening or in bulk, and visualize current and historic performance in Analytics.

User Permissions

Users must have admin or opening owner permissions to set or reset Hiring Goals. Contact your manager for assistance with obtaining these permissions, if you don't currently have them.

What's Covered?

General Definitions

Term Definition:
Hiring Goal The number of hires needed.
Hire By Date The date by which hires must be made to meet the hiring goal. Hire By date ends at 11:59 p.m. in the opening’s time zone.
Goal Period The time period from the date the goal was created to the Hire By date.
Past Due The date a Hiring Goal expires. After this date a Hiring Goal needs to be reset.
Hire An applicant is counted as “hired” the first time they transition into an opening’s Approved stage. Even if an applicant transitions out of the Approved stage, they will still be counted as a hire.

This updated column on the Openings page represents all the applicants in the opening, excluding:

1. Applicants who transitioned to the Approved stage
2. Applicants in On Hold stage
3. Applicants in Rejected stage

Set Hiring Goals

Set Hiring Goals Reset and Bulk Reset Hiring Goals

Hiring goals can be set on the Openings page at the individual opening level, or in bulk via CSV.

  1. On the Openings page, navigate to the desired opening and select Set Hiring Goal.
  2. In the Hiring Goal window, enter the Hiring Goal, number of hires needed, and Hire By Datedate by which they need to be hired, and select Save.



    We will enter 100 hires needed for the purpose of example, and choose an end date.


  3. Select Save


Track Hiring Progress

Once a goal is set, progress towards the goal can be monitored directly on the Openings page. As applicants transition into the Approved stage, the number of hires, as well as the number of hires needed will update in the Openings page.


  • Hiring Goal is set to 100 hires
  • Since the goal was created, 2 applicants have transitioned into the Approved stage, so 2 have been hired
  • The additional 98 hires needed, and number of days until the Hire By date (33 days) are reflected in the Hires Needed column.
  • 81 applicants in the Pipeline have the potential to be converted to hires to help meet the goal; they have not yet been rejected, put on hold, or hired.


Reset or Deactivate Hiring Goals

You can reset your Hiring Goals at any time.

  • Navigate to the Opening you'd like to reset or deactivate, select the three-dots icon, and choose Reset Hiring Goal from the dropdown menu.


    If a goal is past due, select Reset directly in the Hiring Goal column.


  • In Bulk via CSV: Upload a new file to reset the Opening's hiring goals.
  • Via Applicant Table: Select Settings and choose Reset Hiring Goal.


  • If you want to STOP tracking a Hiring Goal or Deactivate it for a particular opening, input 0 as the Hiring Goal.


We don't allow edits of existing goals at this time. Goals are always forward looking, so hiring goals are best used for near-term goals per your hiring needs to optimize your analytics.

Hiring Progress in a Job Posting

Progress towards hiring goals is also visible when posting a job via Boost or Indeed, to help inform campaign and budget decisions. However, Hiring Goals can only be edited from the Openings page.


Assess Performance in Analytics

Visit Analytics - Hiring Goals to learn more about the Hiring Goals dashboard available in Analytics.



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