Enable Support Email for Applicants

Applicants often face technical or comprehension challenges while attempting to complete application requirements. Configure your Company Settings to display a help email at the bottom of every application page to reduce churn, reduce time to hire, and increase conversion.

What's Covered?

Configure your Support Email Preferences

  1. Navigate to your brand name and select Company Settings from the dropdown menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Applicants section, and select the Display support email on applicant portal pages check box.



    You can choose from two email options.

    1) Select the Use Opening Owner Email option to automatically display the email address of an Opening's owner in the applicant portal.

    2) Select Use Other Email Address option if you prefer to refer applicants to an account-wide email address.

The Applicant Experience

When the Display Support Email setting is enabled, the applicant will see a simple message at the bottom of every applicant portal page. 

The message will prompt applicants to email the address that was selected when the setting was enabled by the user.


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