Assess Hiring Goals in Analytics

Hiring Goals enables you to set and track your Hiring Goals within Fountain. The Hiring Goals dashboard includes three sections for quick analysis of hiring performance.

What's Covered?

General Definitions

Term Definition:
Pacing The % of goal achieved divided by the % of goal period complete.

  • Example: If you have hired 5 of 100 hires you need (5%), and are 3 days into a 30 day goal period (10%), then your Pace = 50%; you are hiring at half the pace you need to reach your goal.
  • Pacing of 100% = On Track.

Goal Pacing Summaries

Below Pace or Goal Missed counts the number of openings that:


  • Have goals pacing at < 100% OPR, OR
  • Reached their Hire By date before meeting the Hiring Goal

At/Above Pace or Goal Met counts the number of openings that:


  • Have goals pacing at ≥ 100%, OR
  • Reached their Hiring Goal, before or by the Hire By date

These encompass the sum of the total number of openings that have a hiring goal defined.

Select the tiles to drill into or access the list of openings under each category.

Active Hiring Goals Summary Table

  • The Hiring Goals Summary Table displays information on the hiring goals, progress, and pacing for all openings within an active hiring goal.


    Goals that are past due are still considered Active until they are reset or deactivated.

  • Select an opening's name in the table for shortcuts to the opening’s workflow and Applicant Table.

Historic Hiring Goals Summary Table

  • The Historic Hiring Goals Summary Table displays goal information and performance for all historic hiring goals.


    Dashboard filters - Location Group, Location, and Opening - will apply to all three sections.



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