Using Zapier to Power Your Data

If you don't have a URL which is equipped to handle applicant data, Zapier is a good resource. Using your Zapier account, you can accomplish various custom actions, such as linking a Slack channel, or sending a third party an email via different apps available in Zapier.

To set up a Zap using Fountain webhooks, follow these steps:

      1. Create a new Zap and set Webhooks as your Trigger app.

      2. Select Catch Hook as your trigger.

      3. Copy the hook URL – this is what you'll paste into Fountain.

      4. Specify which portion of the data payload you want to process. This step is optional.

      5. Test the hook by moving a test applicant into the connected stage – this allows Zapier to interpret the applicant data so you can set the Zap's Action.
      6. Select an app you'd like to connect. There are hundreds of apps available in Zapier, using fields from your applicant data to populate the actions.

The combination of our webhooks and Zapier's apps opens up endless possibilities for data processing, notifications, and more! For more information about webhooks in Fountain, visit this resource.

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