Standard Data Validation

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Standard Data Validation questions are available in the Data Collection stage. They support real-time formatting validation for the following data fields:

  • Universal Social Security Number (SSN) 
  • Universal Tax Identification (Tax ID)

What’s Covered


How Standard Data Validation works

Formatting Validation

The validation includes auto-formatting of the input to improve first-time input accuracy. The field will validate that the input meets formatting and checksum requirements. The applicant can copy/paste the required input into the field.

Universal Support

Social Security Number (SSN) and Tax Identification (Tax ID) validations are available across a select number of countries as shown below. The fields will still accept data from other countries but not validate them.



How to add Standard Data Validation questions

  1. Within the Data Collection stage, click Customize fields for Data Collection
  2. Click Add question
  3. Click in the Enter a question title field
  4. In the dropdown that opens, in the top right corner, click See all questionsAdding_Standard_Data_Validation_questions_3.png
  5. The Standard Questions pop-up will open. Follow the steps below to find each type of Data Validation question:
    1. IBAN / BIC: Click the Bank button
    2. Social Security / Identification - Universal: Click the Essentials button
    3. Tax ID - Universal: Click the Salary and Tax button.Adding_Standard_Data_Validation_questions_4.png
  6. Click Select next to the question. The Standard question is auto-enabled with the Data Validation and will be added to your form. Note: You can also search for the question by entering key words in the Enter a question title field.
  7. Click Add hint (optional) if you want to add a hint such as, an example of an IBAN number
  8. Click the star icon if you want to make the question required
  9. Click Save


Important Notes

  1. The title for the SSN and Tax ID questions once added depends on the country of the job opening. For example, if you are adding the SSN question to a job opening in Germany, the question will be localized to Sozialversicherungsnummer. 
  2. The data keys, answer type, validation, and security (as highlighted below respectively) are pre-set and cannot be changed. Adding_Standard_Data_Validation_questions_4a.png
  3. If you make a question required, the applicant will not be able to proceed with the application unless they enter valid answers/data to these questions. If the answer is not valid, they will receive an error message prompting them to attempt again.
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