Data Collection Stage: Standard Questions

Standard questions are pre-made questions that have the questions written out with the appropriate question type, options for multiple-choice and the data key filled out, and in some cases validation on the answer. Although standard questions enable you to quickly build your Data Collection Stage, there are still parameters you have to work within.

Due to the need to be standardized, Standard Questions are not editable in any way, including the data key.  In addition, some PII (Personally Identifiable Information) answers such as SSN, bank information, and insurance information are as secure fields, which have limited functionality to prevent easy access to information. If you want more flexibility, we recommend entering your own custom questions. You can also choose to secure a Custom Question if you want to limit access to the information gathered by the Custom Question.


If you create a data key with the same data key as our secure standard keys, the data key will not be available in exports.

What's Covered


Standard Questions vs Custom Questions

Functionality Standard Question Custom Question (Unsecured)
Use responses as merge keys into documents for signing Some fields Yes
Viewable in Applicant profiles Some fields Yes
Filter by value in Applicant Table No Yes
Exportable Some fields Yes
Customizable Data Key No Yes
Customizable Option Bank No Yes


Secure Fields

Secure Fields are also marked with a yellow lock icon in the Data Collection stage when you're choosing a question. 

Click the grey padlock on a Custom Question if you want to secure that question.



All file upload questions are secure.

Only users with “Access Secure Data” have permission to create Custom Secure Questions. 

Data_Collection_Standard_Questions_1.pngThe image above shows Standard Questions that have Secure Fields. These are indicated by the yellow padlocks seen to the left of the questions.


Types of Standard Data Collection Questions

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Questions

Questions Key
Do you identify as having a disability? disability
What is your Race/Ethnicity? ethnicity
Which group best describes your gender? gender
What is your Sexual Orientation? sexual_orientation
Do you identify as Transgender? transgender_identity
Which of the following statements regarding your United States Military Status best describes you? veteran_us



Questions Key
Avatar avatar
Work Availability work_availability
Date of Birth date_of_birth
Eighteen or Older eighteen_or_older
Sixteen or Older sixteen_or_older
Country of Residence country
City / Town city
Street street
State state
Zipcode zipcode
Citizenship citizenship
Are you authorized to work in the United States? can_work_in_us
How many hours per week do you prefer to work? desired_hours_per_week
How long do you wish to remain at this position? desired_employment_duration
How many years have you worked in the same or similar position? years_of_experience
What is the highest level of education you have completed? education
Please upload a copy of your resume resume
Drivers License drivers_license
Please upload a copy of a cover letter explaining your interest in this position cover_letter
Social Security Number ssn
SSN Card Document Upload ssn_card_document_upload
National Identification Number national_identification_number
National Identification Document Upload national_identification_document_upload
Please describe previous experiences that contribute to your fit for this position previous_work
Have Prior Experience have_prior_experience
How did you find out about this position? referral_source
Do you have reliable transportation? have_transportation
Which country will you be working in? country_of_work


Salary & Tax

Questions Key
Income Salary income_salary
Income Income Tax Dollar Amount income_income_tax_dollar_amount
Income SS Tax income_ss_tax
Income Medicare Tax income_medicare_tax
Income Taxpayer Identification Number income_taxpayer_identification_number



Questions Key
Bank Name bank_name
Bank Routing Number bank_routing_number
Bank Account Number bank_account_number



Questions Key
Vehicle Make vehicle_make
Vehicle Model vehicle_model
Vehicle Year vehicle_year
Vehicle Photo vehicle_photo
Vehicle Registration Plate Number vehicle_registration_plate_number
Vehicle VIN Number vehicle_vin_number
Driver License Number driver_license_number
Driver License Expiration Date driver_license_expiration_date
Driver License State driver_license_state
Driver License Photo driver_license_photo


Social Media

Questions Key
LinkedIn Profile Link linkedin
Facebook Profile Link facebook
Twitter Profile Link twitter



Questions Key
Have you worked at our company before? did_apply_multiple_times
Why do you think you would be a good fit for our company and this position? why_should_we_hire_you
What 3-5 things do you need to be successful in this position? What are the deal killers? success_in_job
What are your expectations for earnings, per hour, in this position? earnings_expectations
Do you prefer working on your own or as part of a team? team_or_solo



Questions Key
Emergency Contact Name emergency_contact_name
Emergency Contact Phone emergency_contact_phone
Emergency Contact Relationship emergency_contact_relationship
Please list your current professional certifications or licenses certifications_licenses
What is your first spoken language? first_language
Please select any other languages you speak other_languages



Questions Key
Insurance Type insurance_type
Insurance Benefactor First Name insurance_benefactor_first_name
Insurance Benefactor Middle Name insurance_benefactor_middle_name
Insurance Benefactor Last Name insurance_benefactor_last_name
Insurance Member ID insurance_member_id
Insurance Company Group ID insurance_company_group_id
Insurance Company of Issue insurance_company_of_issue
Insurance Country of Issue insurance_country_of_issue
Insurance City of Issue insurance_city_of_issue
Insurance Issue Date insurance_issue_date
Insurance Expiration Date insurance_expiration_date



Questions Key
Passport Document Photo passport_document_photo
Passport Number passport_number
Passport Country of Issue passport_country_of_issue
Passport City of Issue passport_city_of_issue
Passport Issue Date passport_issue_date
Passport Expiration Date passport_expiration_date
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