Data Collection Stage

Data Collection stages allow you to collect data and files from applicants via the questionnaire form. This stage offers different types of questions, from short answer for your more basic fill in the answers to more controlled answers like multiple-choice for your survey questions.


The answer to a question is referred to as the value
Data Key
Every question has a unique identifier, this is called a data key. When adding a custom question, you'll have the opportunity to add in a data key. Different data keys are required for different questions. You cannot create a data key that has previously been created or used in the data collection stage. Ensure data keys are all lower-case and use underscores instead of spaces.
Data Field
data field is a place where you can store data. It is commonly used to refer to a column in a database or a field in a data entry form or web form. Information in data fields can be entered or selected.

What's Covered

Question Types

Before adding questions to the stage, consider the types of questions and answers that will be most beneficial and applicable in your workflows according to your hiring needs. If you want to build rules based on how applicants answer, you may want to use dropdown, multiple-choice, or checkboxes, which limits the answer options and ensures your rule will work effectively.


Question Types

Applicant's View

Short Answer


May apply data entry validation to ensure the information entered is in the right format. 



Multiple Choice


May link to Option Bank.



May select more than one options. May link to Option Bank.



Can only select one of the options. Best for a long list of options. May link to Option Bank.

File Upload


Can upload any file type except HTML and XMsDownload file types



The Datepicker doesn’t allow inputs greater than 120 years in the past or in the future from today's date.

Hidden Open text where you have to pre-fill the answer. This question is hidden from applicants. Used to append a default value to applicants' profile going through this stage. 


Adding Questions

  1. In the Openings table, select the three dots icon on the opening you want to add your Data Collection stage to, then select Edit Workflow from the dropdown menu.

  2. Choose the Data Collection stage you want to add a question to.
  3. Under Data Collection Form, select the Edit questions button.

  4. When the Edit Data Collection Fields tab opens, scroll down and select Add question.
  5. Click into the Enter a question title field to create a custom question or choose from the list of Standard Questions.


    Your previously created questions will appear below once you've successfully created a custom question.

    Custom Questions vs Standard Questions

    Some Standard Questions house secure data like SSNs and, thus, have limited functionality to prevent easy access to information. If you want more flexibility, we recommend entering your own custom questions. You can also choose to secure a Custom Question if you want to limit access to the information gathered by the Custom Question. (For more information on secure fields, see this article.) 

    Functionality Standard Question Custom Question (Unsecured)
    Use responses as merge keys into documents for signing Few Yes
    Viewable in Applicant profiles Some fields Yes
    Filter by value in Applicant Table No Yes
    Exportable Some fields Yes
    Customizable Data Key No Yes


    You can find a list of suggested questions directly below the question text box after clicking in Enter a question title, or click the See all questions link to view all suggested questions.


    Preset Secure fields are indicated by a yellow lock icon.

    Adding Custom Question
    1. Enter or select the question in the Enter a question title field and select the create question option at the bottom of the dropdown list.

    2. Change the answer type by clicking on the dropdown menu below.
    3. Add the Data Key for this question. This is how the data field will be named (e.g. when exporting a report), and it ensures that the question can be referred back to and utilized in subsequent stages.
    4. Select Enter key on the bottom left. Data Keys appear in rules, filters, Applicant Profiles, and data exports. Data Key Requirements: all lowercase, contain no spaces (use an underscore instead), cannot include special characters, are intuitive and easily recognizable for all users, and cannot be associated with duplicate questions.
    5. To make a Custom Data Key secure, click the lock icon on the bottom right corner. Remember, when securing a Custom Data Key, the field will have limited functionality to prevent easy access to the information. NOTE: the secure functionality is not available with a File Upload type question. Only users with “Access Secure Data” have permission to create Custom Secured Questions.  Data_collection_stage_15.png



  6. Select the question type on the bottom right.

  7. To make a question mandatory for the applicant, select the asterisk (*) on the bottom right corner. 
  8. Select Save.


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