Data Collection Stage

Setting Up A Data Collection Form

Creating The Data Collection Form

Data collection forms allow you to gather data from applicants at any point within your workflow.

To create a new data collection form, add a data collection stage to your workflow and click the 'Customize Fields for data collection stage' button:

From here, you'll be taken to the form builder.

For each question, you can either create your own question or select one of the suggested questions.

Adding Questions To Your Existing Data Collection Form

If you've already created a Data Collection Form and you want to add questions to your form, you click the stage in your workflow editor and click on "Customize fields for data collection stage"

From there you can click on "Add question" 

Then click on the "Enter a question title" and type the question you're looking to add to the data collection form. 

Once you begin typing, you'll be able to choose from "Standard Questions" "Previously Created Questions" or you have the option to create your own custom question.

From there you'll need to add the key for this question:

Then select the question type:

You can also make this question required by clicking on the asterisk "*"

When you're done, you can click "save".

Standard Questions
Standard questions help keep your data clean, or are useful if you would like to gather secure data. (For more information on secure fields, see this article.)

You can find a list of suggested questions directly below the question text box or click the "See all questions" link to view all suggested questions.


Secure fields are indicated by a yellow lock icon, and you can select whether or not the question should be required by clicking on the asterisk in the lower right corner:


You can further customize the application form by adding 'Work Availability' from suggested questions.


If you would like to create your own question, simply type in the text and either hit enter or select the "create question" option from the dropdown list:


You can also change the question type by clicking on the dropdown menu below:


For questions you create yourself, you will need to enter a unique key. This is how the data field will be named (e.g. when exporting a report).

Please note that keys:
- Must be all lowercase.
- Contain no spaces. (Use an underscore in place of spaces.)
- Cannot be associated with duplicate questions in a particular form.





Option Banks

Use option banks if you reference the same options for multiple questions across your forms or positions. With option banks, you can create a single list (e.g. a list of all 50 states) and link to this list any time you want to use it.

To add option banks to your question, create your option bank under Company Settings:

Then, in the form editor, when you create a multiple choice question, dropdown, or checkbox, you can click the 'Link Option Bank' link and select your option bank, like so:


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