Document Signing Providers

When configuring the Document Signing Stage, users will need to first start by creating a document template. When using the document signing stage and creating the template, you have the option of using our native document signing tool HelloSign (also called Dropbox Sign) or DocuSign. 

  • HelloSign: Fountain offers HelloSign as the default tool for any Document Signing stages. HelloSign allows users to create custom document signing templates to send to applicants as well as add Merge Keys to auto-fill data provided by applicants earlier in the application.
  • DocuSign: As an alternative to HelloSign, customers can also use DocuSign. The functionality of DocuSign is very similar to HelloSign. However, if the customer prefers to use a separate DocuSign account, they must create their account through the DocuSign website.

Both HelloSign and DocuSign offer a number of key features that can be integrated into the Document Signing Stage. Below is an overview of each provider’s capabilities:


Features HelloSign DocuSign
Add custom Merge Keys Yes Only available with DocuSign Business Pro plan
Add multiple roles/recipients Yes Yes
Add electronic signatures No Yes
Limit access to documents to specific individuals No Yes
Send customized message to each signer Can send only to applicant Yes
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