Rule Stages allow you to move applicants to another stage, Opening, or update their profile based on certain criteria (e.g. responded to "Are you over 21?" with "No"). Rule Stages can be used to skip a stage, fast-track applicants, or even auto-reject applicants.


Building the Rule Logic

The logic behind the Rule stage is based on if and then statement. The logic can be very simple with a single logic: if x exists, then y happens.

Here are the criteria you can build rules on:

If (Conditions) ...Then (Actions)
Learning Quiz Result  
Applicant Field Move to the stage...
Score Card Result Move to another opening
Document Signing status  Update application data with...

You can also build more complex logic where you have multiple rules, each with multiple matching criteria by using "or" or "and".  For example, if applicant answers "yes" to over 18 years old, and "yes" to having a car AND "yes" to having a Driver's License or "yes" to have a Learner's Permit, THEN they are allowed to move to the next stage. Otherwise, they will be rejected with reason: doesn't meet the requirement to drive a truck. 

The action can also perform multiple actions to your rules. For example, you can simultaneously move the applicant AND update their profile IF they meet the criteria. 


Add Rule Stage

  1. You need to have an Opening first before you can add stages. Check out the article on how to add an Opening.
  2. Get into the Workflow Editor by clicking on Actions next to the Opening then Edit Workflow.
  3. On the top left, click on Add rule button.
  4. Give your new Rule Stage a title and specify where in the workflow you want to add it to. 
  5. Click Add rule stage to confirm.
  6. Click on the Rule Stage you just added and add the logic condition(s) and the responsive action(s). 


    • The field value in the condition component of any rule must match exactly to the existing field value and are case-sensitive. For example, if you're using a multiple choice question with the options "Yes" and "No" in your data collection form and you want to set up a rule using that question, you MUST enter the field value as "Yes" or "No" (not "yes" or "no").

    • If you have set up a new application or data collection form, or added new questions to an existing form and would like to use one of the fields for the rule, then you MUST first submit test responses to the form. Otherwise, the field(s) will not appear as an option in the Rule Stage.

    • All future applicants going through this rule stage who match the rule set will be move/updated according to your rule, but any applicants in the stage after the ruling stage will not.

  7. Click the blue Save changes button. 

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