Test Apply as an Applicant

We recommend everyone on your team test out your completed workflow by applying to your Opening as an applicant. This will be able to help you see what issues are present on the applicant end, as well as to show you how the applicant user interface will be like to help your team better troubleshoot.

What's Covered

Apply for Real

Applying for real will get you the full experience that your applicants will go through. We recommend you do this at least once. The following steps will show you how to apply using the application form, even if you are using an alternative External Application Form (we recommend you test apply your External Application Form separately).

  1. Hover over the Jobs tab at the top of the workflow page.
  2. Click on Openings. Under the Opening you want to test an applicant for, click Actions on the right-hand side.

  3. Click View Application Form.

  4. Fill out the Application Form and proceed to test out every stage as if you're an applicant. Try pausing for a few days to make sure all reminder emails and rules are working properly.

One-Time Temporary Test

This following method is a quick and easy way to see how a single stage looks like. Like a real test applicant, you can click through and complete the application BUT the applicant profile will NOT show up in the Applicant Table. This ghost Test Applicant will exist for only 2 hours, so if you have any Stage Emails that are set up to fire within 2 hours, the Test Applicant will receive it.

  1. Choose Applicants from the top of the page.
  2. Select the stage you want to test. 
  3. Click Preview, located on the bottom right corner of the stage. It will route you to the stage of the application you just selected in the previous step.


What to Look For

Here are some things to focus on when you're testing your workflow:

  • Look at each stage name and header - they should be brief, clear, and informative.
  • Proofread your content and keep it short.
  • Ensure rules are working properly: test every option and delay.
  • Set the Stage Messages' send out timers appropriately - see how long it takes to complete a single stage and set the timer accordingly so your applicants don't get a bunch of emails back to back as they are actively going through the stages.
  • Test on mobile - many applicants apply on their phones so make sure your content looks good on desktop as well as mobile.
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