Fountain allows you to bulk edit, delete, and clone stages with our Bulk Edit feature, so you can easily add a finished stage across all workflows if necessary.

Watch the following video for an overview of Bulk Editing:

What's Covered

When you enter the Openings page, the Bulk Edit Settings button is on the top right corner. Click on it to enter the stage dashboard. When you enter, you will see all the openings, their status, the progress of applicants, and the various stages.


Edit Stage

Hover and click on the Screen_Shot_2019-07-16_at_1.25.08_PM.png to the right of the stage you want to edit. Select Edit Stage. You will be redirected to the stage in the workflow.

Delete Stage

Click on the Screen_Shot_2019-07-16_at_1.25.08_PM.png to the right of the stage you want to delete. Select Delete Stage. Click Confirm to permanently delete the stage -- you cannot undo this action.


Approved, Rejected, and On-Hold stages cannot be deleted.

Stages with applicants in them cannot be deleted until the applicants are moved to another stage.

Bulk Clone Stage

a. Click on the Screen_Shot_2019-07-16_at_1.25.08_PM.png to the right of the stage you want to clone. Select Clone Stage. Keep in mind that you can't clone the approved, Rejected, and on-hold stages.

Bulk Clone Manually Bulk Clone by Stage Number

b. The stage you want to clone will become blue. When you hover over other stages, the following will show:

If you want the cloned stage to the left of the stage you hovered over, click the on the left. To replace the stage you're hovering over with the cloned stage, click Replace. To insert the cloned stage to the right of the stage you hovered over, click the + on the left. Approved, rejected, and on-hold stages can only be replaced by their same kind: approved stages can be replaced by other approved stages, etc.

c. Add the cloned stage to as many openings as you would like.

Cloned Stages

You cannot add the same cloned stage to an opening multiple times.

d. Click Next on the top right. If you accidentally added a cloned stage somewhere you don't want it to be, click the x on its right side. If you want to cancel the cloning, click Cancel on the top right.

e. Click Confirm. There will then be a 5 second grace period for you to cancel your clone action.

f. You will either see a success page:

Or you'll see an error message:

If you click Show Detail, a more in-depth explanation of the errors appears.



To search for a category of openings, locations, or stages, go to the top left of the stage dashboard. Select whether you want to search for openings, stages, or locations.


You can then perform any edit, clone, or delete action to the stages present.

Use Case: Bookmarks

I want to perform a bulk clone on all the stages in San Francisco. However, I want to clone a stage from an opening in Germany. To do this quickly, I can bookmark the opening in Germany using the orange bookmark button to the right of the opening name.


Then, when I search San Francisco in the search bar using the location category, I get all of the San Francisco location openings, as well as the one German opening I can clone from.


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