Data Collection: Option Bank

Option Banks are a collection of answer options for multiple-choice, dropdown, and checkbox questions. For example, if you have a few questions asking for State, entering 50 states as the option for multiple questions is tedious. With Option Banks, you can build the list once and link it to any question throughout different Openings. If you need to update this list, you only need to edit the Option Bank, and all questions linked to this list will be updated. 

Creating an Option Bank

1.  To add Option Banks to your question, create your Option Bank by hovering clicking on your initials in the top right corner of your Fountain page. Next, click Company Settings. Under App Settings select Option Banks.

2.  Click the blue Add Option Bank button. Next, name the Option Bank. Be descriptive so you know which one to choose down the line.

3.  Click Add option.


4.  Optional: you can pre-select an option as the default answer by clicking Yes in Set a default option? Indicate which option should be the default by clicking the circle next to it.

5.  Move the order of your values around by dragging the (move) icon on the left of the option label.

6.  Delete options by clicking the red x to the right of the option.

Editing Options

If you edit the options in the Option Bank, the options are changed across all the questions you linked the option bank.

When you create a multiple-choice question, dropdown, or checkbox in the form editor, you can click the Link Option Bank and select your option bank as seen in the image below.


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