Advanced Resume Parsing

Resume Parsing is a new feature within the data collection stage type that processes the information contained within a candidate’s resume and strategically auto-fills relevant information into the applicant’s profile. This feature enhances the automation, collection, processing, and filtering of applicants based on the data contained in their resume.

Information obtained while using this feature is easily accessible and is stored on the applicant’s profile in preset categories. Resume Parsing enhances the overall functionality of the Applicant Table and Universal Applicant View and enables you to thoroughly assess your applicants based on your desired criteria.

This feature is compatible with PDF, HTML, DOCX, RTF and OpenOffice documents. Additionally, the resulting data keys can be used in Rule Stages and/or Applicant Table or UAV filters.

Data Collection - Resume Parsing Stage

  1. Navigate to the Data Collection section in your workflow and click Edit Questions.

  2. In the Edit Data Collection window, type your question title, choose upload as the answer type, and enter an appropriate custom data key such as resume_parsing seen in the image below.

    This will prompt and enable applicants to upload their resume to their application during this stage.

    After the applicant uploads their resume in the customized Data Collection - Resume Parsing stage you’ve created, their filtered data will be available in their profile.



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