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Live video is an add-on feature and is not included in any base subscription to Fountain. Please contact your designated CSM (Customer Success Manager) or to enable it to your account.

The live video feature is an interactive way for you to actively engage with applicants. This feature enables you to meet and speak to applicants virtually and imitates the traditional interview setting.


All users who've been actively using the live video feature will now use Whereby by default. Whereby simplifies the candidates' experience because it doesn't require them to download a separate app. Candidates can simply access their live video rooms in their default browser when they click the link provided, which improves the live video experience for each party. Whereby live video supports up to 100 attendees per session, including the host.

For more details on how to maximize your Whereby experience, visit the links provided below.

Prerequisites for Using Live Video

  1. Add a Scheduler stage to the workflow and name it Live Video, so it can easily be identified in your workflow.

  2. Turn on the Enable live video call toggle in the Live Video section.
  3. Once you enable live video, ensure you have availability on the Calendar. Scroll to the top and click Set Availability to go to the Calendar page.mceclip4.png

Customizing Live Video Messages

The link to the live video stage can be shared with the applicant in the Confirmation and Reminder messages by inserting the merge key directly into the message body (SMS or email).

    1. Select Edit Message and then Edit SMS.
    2. Insert the text (Live Video Room:) and then select stage keys.
    3. Choose Live Video Room Link from the menu. This will automatically add the merge key to the SMS Confirmation message the applicant will receive.
    4. Select Save Message and this Confirmation message along with the merge key will be included in the SMS message.


The steps mentioned above allow you to customize the Confirmation Message the applicant receives. In the event you’re not able to add the Merge Key to the live video Call Confirmation Message, the platform will automatically send the live video link to the applicant at the end of the message.

Messages in Live Video

There are multiple types of messages that can be used in the live video stage to maximize organization and initiate communication with the applicant throughout this stage in their interview process.


Reminder Message

The reminder message reminds the applicant that their live video session is scheduled at the time they initially selected

Confirmation Message
The confirmation message confirms the date and time the applicant selected has been scheduled

Accessing Live Video Session

Once the applicant has scheduled a time slot with you, the scheduled time will be visible in the Scheduled sessions tab. The scheduled times will be labeled as Past, Today, or Upcoming.

To access the scheduled live video, click  live video Room. The live video between you and the applicant will begin.


Live Interview (Applicant Experience)

  1. When the applicant lands on the video scheduler stage, they will be prompted to select their live video session/interview time slot.
  2. Once the applicant selects their desired time slot, a confirmation message with the link to the live video will be sent to the applicant via text and or email.


    Depending on which settings or messages you created in the Customizing Live Video Messages section, the applicant may receive reminder messages prior to their scheduled live video session.

  3. At the scheduled session time, the applicant should click the link that was provided and they will immediately be directed to the live session.
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