Labels are useful indicators of the progress within a stage and are displayed in the Applicant Table. All stages with automated actions have their own labels.  You can also create your own custom labels to track applicants' progress. 

Create Labels

    1. Hover over your name and select Company Settings from the dropdown menu.

    2. Select Labels in the left menu.

    3. In the Label Manager window you can add new tags and select Save.

    4. Select the Label, the Opening and the Stage you want to add the label to, then Save.


Add Labels to Workflow

    1. Navigate the Openings window.
    2. Select Edit Workflow located in the Actions dropdown menu of the Opening you want to add the Label(s) to.

    3. Select Manage Labels.

    4. Assign the labels via the Company Settings Manage Labels link with the same steps outlined above.

    5. When you return to the Workflow, turn on the toggle by Automatically move applicant to next stage when all labels are completed.
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