Tech Check enables applicants to verify whether or not their computer device and internet bandwidth  meet the requirements of the opening they are applying for.

If you'd like to use Tech Check, please contact your designated Fountain representative or to enable it in your account.

Browsers Supported

All browsers are supported for detecting upload and download speeds, as well as browser, OS and screen resolutions. ONLY Chrome and Edge are supported for detecting a user's RAM and processor speeds. Safari is NOT supported.

Add the Tech Stage in the Workflow Editor

  1. Navigate to the position you want to add Tech Check to and select Edit Workflow.
  2. Select Add Stage then select Create New Stage.
  3. In the window, name the stage and select Tech Check from the dropdown list in the stage type menu.
  4. Determine where you want to insert the Tech Check stage in your workflow. (For the purpose of this example we will add it after the Questionnaire stage.) Select Add Stage.

View the Tech Check Status in Your Workflow

Navigate to the Openings or home tab and select the position you added the Tech Check stage to.
The Tech Check stage will appear in your workflow.

The Tech Check Status is visible in the applicant table.

You can also click directly on an applicant and open their profile to view the Tech Check status.


The Applicant Experience

When the applicant lands in the Tech Check stage of the application, they will be prompted to run the Tech Check Test. Once they run the test, the status and results of the Tech Check will appear. 

If the applicant's system fails the initial test, they have the option to Rerun the Tech Check test two more times.



Due to browser reporting limitations, all Mac OS versions reported will max out at version 10.15. Avoid setting Tech Check Mac OS criteria above version 10.15; any higher threshold will end up failing all applicants.


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