A Position in Fountain is equivalent to a job title or job type, and along with Location makes up an Opening.

If you choose to use Fountain's Application Form, the Position houses the job description and application questions such as name and contact information. For options on external application forms, see the article on Application Form.

Let's say you're using Fountain's Application Form and you're hiring for Delivery Drivers in multiple cities, you'll want to create one Position and a Location for each city. When creating your openings, you'll choose the same position each time with a different location. If the job description changes or you need to ask a different question in the application form, you just need to edit the Delivery Driver position once and all the openings will be updated. 


Add Position 

  1. Hover over Jobs in the top navigation bar, and select Positions.
  2. Click the blue Add Position button.
  3. Give the position a name e.g. Delivery Driver, Cashier, or Ambassador. Click on Customize Application Form to fill out the details job description and customize. Skip this step if you're using an external application form
  4. Hit the blue Save button at the bottom of the page, and you're all set!
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